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Toys on a Shelf


  • Volunteers fulfilling the terms of at least one four-hour shift will be admitted to the Thursday night Pre-Sale shopping event. 

  • Volunteers fulfilling the terms of two four-hour shifts will keep 75% of their sales.  

  • We value our volunteers and could not host a sale without them!

Volunteer Job Descriptions

Job descriptions provide a general idea of the types of volunteer staff needed during each shift, but your particular job may vary.  Feel free to have a spouse fulfill your volunteer shift as some require manual labor while others only require sitting (great for grandparents or expectant mothers).


Volunteers will be setting up racks, tables and putting out signage. Volunteers will assist unloading consignor items, inspecting sale items, and carrying large items to the sale floor. Volunteers will help organize racks and tables as consignors bring in items.  Heavy lifting may be required for setup and drop-off.

Sales Floor Assistant

Volunteers will help keep shopping areas neat and organized while assisting shoppers with questions or placing holds.  Volunteers will be circulating within a specified shopping area throughout the shift.      

Sales Floor Helper

Volunteers may be asked to serve as greeters, tag sorters, or line attendants. Volunteers may also assist with monitoring items placed on hold by shoppers. Many tasks are well suited for expectant mothers or those with limited mobility.


Volunteers will help consignors find their items during pick-up, help package items up for donation, and begin the clean-up process. Volunteers will help load donated items onto trucks, break down racks and tables, and move furniture to return the space to its typical arrangement. Heavy lifting may be required for clean-up.

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