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Family In-Need Gift Certificate Request

Our mission at King of Glory Church is to reach and enrich others through the Gospel of Jesus   Christ.     As   part   of   that   mission,   we   are   committed   to   helping   the Williamsburg community and would like to use our Children’s Consignment Sale to do just that.  During these tough economic times, we would like to offer special gift certificates to families residing in the local area that have been especially hard hit.  If you know a family that would benefit or if your family could benefit from a Gift Certificate to the Children’s Consignment sale, please fill out this form.  The gift certificates will be mailed to the recipients in time for the sale or can be picked up at the sale. Deadline to submit is the 3rd Friday in February (March Sale) or 3rd Friday in September (October Sale)  to ensure receipt before the sale.

Request a Gift Certificate

Please take a moment to fill out the form.

Thanks for submitting!

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